Fractal River is a venture studio that helps growth-stage startups scale faster. It does so by providing resources that work hands-on with the startups to drive business results, while at the same time transferring knowledge and building the strategic and operational infrastructure they need to scale.

In addition, we create and manage analytics infrastructures and cloud-based systems for them while they develop their own capabilities. The technologies we use are mostly based on Python, SQL, Docker/Ubuntu and serverless capabilities and infrastructure (Snowflake, PostgreSQL, RedShift, Lambda, etc.) hosted within the Amazon cloud. We also configure and set up a variety of systems along the startup’s customer journey including HubSpot, Salesforce and ZenDesk.

We are seeking a Growth Engineer to join our team. We want someone who has a strong development background, is able to deal with fuzzy customer requirements and can work independently to design and implement solutions with a very fast turnaround. You must be a fast learner, as we are constantly evolving our tools and practices to implement world-class, leading-edge solutions in our clients that leverage the latest technological developments.

To succeed, you need to be able to understand not only the ‘what’ we need to do and ‘how’ to use the latest tools to do it, but the ‘why’ behind every project and component – the underlying business reason that drives the need. This will allow you to fill in the gaps in the requirements you will receive and enable you to succeed in developing high-impact solutions.

As a Growth Engineer, you will leverage and help develop our library of DataOps and DevOps best practices and work alongside our team to implement optimal processes, tools and metrics, redesigning work and helping startup teams accelerate.

We’re looking for a goal-oriented, talented individual who exhibits a positive attitude and a team-oriented approach. An ideal candidate thrives in a constantly changing environment, is able to see the big picture while remaining task and detail oriented and embraces the opportunity to lead through ambiguity.

What you’ll do

  • Help design and implement data pipelines and analytic infrastructures.

  • Develop Python & SQL components to integrate and automate a variety of

    processes and tools.

  • Leverage APIs from multiple systems to extract and update data, trigger

    and monitor processes and in general help tie our customers’ infrastructures into cohesive platforms that power their growth.

  • Maintain and oversee our cloud infrastructure to ensure it is running with the reliability and performance our customers expect.

  • Work with other team members to automate sales and marketing operations using Revenue Ops tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc. to improve their efficiency.

  • Help create Data Models, best practices and technical documents for our customers.

  • Developing our internal best practices, policies and processes regarding DevOps and DataOps.

  • Coordinate projects, activities and tasks to ensure objectives and key results are met.

  • Help identify opportunities, generate innovative solutions, and improve existing product features.

Who we are looking for:

Our ideal candidate is someone with 3-5 years of working experience in fast- paced environments, with a high tolerance for ambiguity.

All in all, we're looking for motivated, highly adaptive people, who have the ability to be cozy in the chaos and enjoy the challenge of working with smart people in multiple, innovative startups to put in place technical infrastructures that power their growth.

Candidates must ideally also:

  • Be adept at data analysis and process improvement

  • Work collaboratively but are also able to own a project with little guidance

  • Thrive in an environment with constant and quick iterations

  • Seek out creative solutions to challenging problems

  • Have strong communication skills in English

  • Be wizards in Python, Pandas and Numpy.

  • Speak SQL as a second language J

  • Know how to scrape websites and interact with APIs

  • Be very familiar with Postgres – and ideally Snowflake

  • Be able to interact with customers and perform not only the development

    work, but the business analysis to understand requirements as well.

  • Be familiar with AWS environments (EC, Lambda, IAM, SQS, RDS)

  • Knowledge of HubSpot or Salesforce is a plus.

  • Knowledge of Mode, Looker or Tableau is a plus.

  • Like to work in a very diverse work environment and be comfortable with

    non-hierarchical organizations

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar.

At Fractal River, we believe that having a team of diverse backgrounds and voices working together will enable us to create an innovative organization that will make the world better by improving the way people work in the innovation economy.

Fractal River is proud to be an equal opportunity employer